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TMS Clinics in Sydney

So what is it we aim to do with our TMS Clinics in Sydney?

As a service, our vision is to be the leading quality provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy in New South Wales. This position will increase the opportunity for people with depression to access TMS therapy to treat depression symptoms.

We aim to achieve this by looking closely at our values and improving our experience for each client, to successfully reach our goal.

At the core of our values are our patients. We want to provide them with the best opportunity of treating their depression and improving their overall quality of life. We aim to deliver a professional, consistent and quality treatment experience every time they attend our clinic for TMS therapy. Patient care and quality service is paramount to us at Sydney TMS. We aim to make each individual feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed each time they visit.

In fact, we strongly encourage our clients to provide instant feedback so we can make changes as required for each individual. In general, feedback is extremely important to us as we continue to improve our experience from one session to the next. By improving the experience we hope that it will also improve success rates experienced by our patients who have suffered with long-term Major depression.

We are also excited about clinical trials that are currently being conducted all around the world using TMS. While in Australia, TMS is only used to treat clients with depression we understand that there are many trials using TMS to treat a whole range of illnesses. Sydney TMS is committed to keeping up to date with any new advancement in TMS treatment and will publish any articles that are reliable and relevant to our population here in Australia. We recommend you follow our professional research sections or news blog page for future updates.

There are already a multitude of benefits associated with our TMS therapy, but we hope to create more choice, flexibility and treatment options for our patients. Our TMS Clinics in Sydney are located in St Leonards and Castle Hill. If you would like to share what your TMS experience was like, give us a call on 1300 177 144 or visit our Contact Us page so you could happily write to us at



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