Why Choose Sydney TMS?

Sydney TMS

Sydney TMS offers clients the opportunity to undergo treatment in an outpatient setting. We have been providing TMS treatment to our clients since 2014. This is is all we do at our clinics, so we can assure you we know what we are doing and our staff are experts in this area.

While patients are receiving depression treatment they can enjoy watching television, listening to music or just chatting to our staff. Patients can still go about with their daily lives after each session.  TMS is safe and well tolerated. No anaesthetic or sedatives are used during the treatment making it perfectly safe to drive after a treatment session. Sydney TMS offers an alternative treatment option to those patients who have tried medications yet their symptoms persist. Patients visit the clinic for their treatment session required and return to their place of work or return home directly after.

Our promise

Our first consultation is face to face with our TMS psychiatrist. During this session our TMS psychiatrist will determine if TMS is right for you. With your medicare card and your doctor’s referral we will bulk bill this initial consultation. We promise our patients that we will provide the utmost in professional service and care. It is our aim for you to feel as comfortable as possible during treatment sessions. If there is anything we can do to improve the treatment please let us know. We welcome any feedback you wish to provide. Please forward any compliments or complaints directly to Dr J Pace Suite 209, 11 Chandos Street, St Leonards NSW 2065, “private and confidential”

What we aim to provide

Sydney TMS vision is to provide the most innovative evidence based treatment currently available for depression treatment. It is our aim to become the leading provider of TMS therapy in NSW. We aim to make this revolutionary treatment available to help as many patients suffering from depression as possible. We hope to take TMS to the next level. By moving it from largely a research tool to making it an established form of treatment for possibly other brain conditions.

We will educate both clinicians and patients alike about the TMS and how it can be one extra tool to combat depression.

Through more extensive use of this technology we will learn more about the potential benefits of TMS. We hope to drive more research and development. While other parts of the world may have had a head start with TMS, we believe Australian psychiatrists are closing the gap. We will not only become experts in using TMS but will innovate and lead to the further development of more TMS treatments into the future.

transcranial magnetic stimulation demo at sydney tms clinic

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