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TMS Psychiatrist Dr Jason Pace

Dr Jason Pace - Psychiatrist

Graduating from the University of UNSW in 1996,  Dr Jason Pace recognised a passion for working with people suffering from mental illness. While working as a young psychiatrist, Dr Pace was excited by the potential to improve existing services.  He recognised how much more could be done to reduce the burden of mental illness on the community.

Dr Pace – The Hills Clinic Kellyville

In 2004, Dr Pace founded the Hills Clinic, a private mental health service in Sydney’s north west. The private hospital would go on to employ over one hundred staff and provide comprehensive mental health services. Such services ranged from child and adolescent services to old age psychiatric services. Under the leadership of Dr. Pace the Hills Clinic operated three outpatient clinics across the northwest of Sydney and operated a 59 bed private hospital. In 2014 Dr Pace was able to realise one of his long standing wishes to open a private treatment program exclusively for youth called ‘The Loft’. The Loft was unique because it was a purpose built facility for young adults. The ward also delivered a new evidence based program that was written and developed specifically for young adults with anxiety and depression.

TMS Psychiatrist

In 2014 Dr Pace launched Sydney TMS, which offers an innovative treatment for Depression. TMS is short for transcranial magnetic stimulation and had been used overseas for over two decades. The treatment was virtually unheard of in Australia at this time. Dr Pace operates three TMS clinics and prides himself on providing quality professional care to patients who undergo treatment. Sydney TMS clinics are available in Bondi Junction, St Leonards and Castle Hill. Dr Pace is the TMS psychiatrist you will see when you attend your Sydney TMS initial assessment session. He will also monitor your progress and meet with you at various stages during the course of treatment. Dr Jason Pace has received countless favourable reviews from his patients who value the care and treatment they have received Best Doctors

Community Work – Conviction Group

In 2016 Dr Pace met the founders of Conviction group and quickly recognised a synergy in their drive and passion for making an impact to their community. He hopes that his clinical experience and experience in developing and scaling services will help lead Conviction group to the next stage of their development.


Dr Jason Pace is a fellow of the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. The College’s vision is to “enhance the mental health of our nations through leadership in high quality psychiatric care” Members of RANZCP are medical practitioners who are trained in the field of psychiatry. For further information about the College of Psychiatry please CLICK HERE


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