FAQ Medicare and Private Health Insurance

Is TMS covered by Medicare Australia?

As of 1 November 2021 medicare will be providing a rebate for those who meet the eligibility criteria.

Those who are eligible for Medicare may be able to receive rebates when they receive TMS treatment however they will also need to meet the following treatment criteria.

  1. A minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Diagnosed with major depressive episode and provide a referral from a GP or psychiatrist
  3. Failed to experience relief of symptoms after trialling a minimum of two antidepressants
  4. Have also undertaken psychological therapy (unless inappropriate)
  5. Have not previously received TMS treatment.

For more information about medicare and TMS treatment please click here.

To find out if TMS is for you, please seek further information from your GP or psychiatrist. As stated above a referral is necessary for TMS treatment.

There are many advantages of TMS including cost effectiveness when compared to antidepressants.

In an article published in October 2017, TMS therapy was more cost effective than antidepressant medication. The research focused on those with Major Depressive Disorder. (Article: Cost effectiveness analysis of comparing repetitive magnetic stimulation to antidepressant medications after a first treatment failure for major depressive disorder in newly diagnosed patients – A lifetime analysis. Jeffrey Voigt, Linda Carpenter, Andrew Leuchter, PLoS ONE).

We are hopeful that with the Medicare changes, more people will be able to access TMS treatment.

Please keep in regular contact with Sydney TMS through our website or social media pages. We will provide news updates as they come to us.

There are also many advantages for patients with depression to receive TMS therapy. Including; minimal side effects, no hospitalisation and its safe & effectiveness. It is also very well tolerated. TMS is more successful for those who have failed two or more antidepressant trials.

It is our goal at Sydney TMS to make this treatment available to as many patients as possible. To support our goal, we are offering the most competitive fees possible. Our staff will provide you with our treatment plans with different fee structures. If you are serious about TMS treatment, contact our staff to arrange a free consultation.

Is TMS covered by Veteran Affairs or Workcover?

Patients who have their medical expenses covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs or Workcover may have the cost of TMS covered. Contact our staff to discuss your individual situation. We will arrange for an initial consultation to determine if TMS is the right treatment for you.

What costs are involved with TMS therapy in Australia?

A full course of TMS spans 30 sessions. Patients can receive between 3 to 10 sessions a week. The exact number is determined by the patient and the treating clinic. It really depends on how much time the patient has available and session times available. Cost will depend on the number of sessions. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Sydney TMS also offers maintenance TMS therapy. This is assessed on an individual basis following the initial treatment course.

Our payment plans are available for both the initial course and for TMS maintenance.

Do private health insurance companies help with TMS costs?

Some private health insurance companies cover the costs of outpatient TMS. As the legislation changes, more health insurance companies are likely to provide cover for TMS treatment. However, terms and conditions do apply. If we can assist you with determining if you have cover, please contact us. TMS therapy has now helped many people with Major Depressive Disorder. We recommend that you keep in touch with Sydney TMS as new updates arise.

Is TMS a cost-effective form of depression treatment?

TMS may seem expensive but it is considered to be a cost effective treatment alternative. (Please refer to the related article by Voigt, Carpenter, Leuchter “Cost effectiveness of comparing rTMS”). Not only did the article find TMS to be more cost effective than antidepressants. It also found TMS to be clinically more effective for treatment resistant depression.

Is TMS cost assistance available in Australia?

We can offer a payment plan to assist those who require support for their treatment. This payment plan provides the opportunity to pay for their treatment over time.

Can Sydney TMS help me to decide if this type of therapy is right for my depression?

Our staff will guide you through all the costs involved before you decide if TMS is right for you. It is important to us that you feel comfortable about the therapy before you start so knowledge is key. They will also provide you with the information you need to know about the treatment and how to get the most out of it. Take advantage of our initial assessment with our psychiatrist to help you decide. Is TMS is right for you? Call us on 1300 177 144.

What conditions do you treat at Sydney TMS?

At Sydney TMS we are constantly monitoring TMS protocols both in Australia and Internationally to offer the most up to date treatments available. In addition, our clinics regularly share knowledge and information with other TMS providers around Australia through the Royal College of Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists network.

While TMS technology has been applied and researched for many conditions including psychiatric conditions, addictions, neurological conditions and others, our clinic focuses only on treating those disorders  where an well established treatment protocol has been developed. Typically this means, that these protocols have been rigorously studied and are endorsed by a professional body or government agency internationally.

Currently we offer several treatment protocols including;

  • rTMS for Treatment Resistant Major Depressive Illness/ Bipolar Depression
  • Theta Burst (iTBS) for Treatment resistant Major Depressive Illness/ Bipolar Depression
  • rTMS for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • rTMS for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Unsure if TMS is the right treatment for you or a loved one?

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