Castle Hill Clinic

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Contact Information

Castle Hill Clinic:
Suite 5, 3-9 Terminus Street,
Castle Hill NSW 2154

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Phone: 1300 177 144


Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00-17:00

Castle Hill Clinic Map

How to find our Castle Hill Clinic.

Scroll down further for underneath car park access.

Drive along Terminus Street, across the Crane Road intersection. You will see Castle Mall and the large Castle Mall parking area on the right side of Terminus Street. You will need to stay on the very left lane as you will quickly approach number 3 Terminus Street, where there is a large sign “Garden Piazza” on the building. Make sure you are in the very left lane. Scroll down to see more images.

Castle Hill TMS









In the image below you will see the front of the building where Sydney TMS is located. 3 Garden Piazza is written on the front of the building. Our building is close to the Crane Road intersection. If you walk down this corridor past the Vision PT studio you will find Sydney TMS at the very end in the far left corner.

Scroll down if you want directions to the parking area.









For parking, pass the black fencing on the left and look for the ENTRY sign immediately after the black fence. Turn left into the driveway and drive to the rear of the parking area. Look for Visitor parking. Use the stairs toward the very rear of the parking on the end closest to Crane Road to easily find Sydney TMS.

Castle Hill TMS parking directions