TMS Clinic – Meet our Specialist Team

TMS Clinic and Specialist Team

We offer a highly dedicated and experienced team at our TMS Clinic locations. Our focus is to deliver specialised transcranial magnetic stimulation to all patients who visit our TMS Clinics. Led by founder, Sydney Psychiatrist Dr Jason Pace, the team is passionate about providing customised and person journey. During treatment, progress is monitored by our TMS technicians and regularly reviewed by our treating psychiatrist.

We highly recommend you contact us and talk to one of our team members to get a better understanding of TMS therapy. You can book in for an initial assessment and consultation to ensure you are suited to TMS. It is important for us to provide you with a good understanding of how TMS works as we want you to feel comfortable with the therapy.

Who is TMS best suited to?

TMS is recommended to those who have depression and have tried and failed two or more antidepressant medication trials. We have established a TMS criteria list that you can look at here “Is TMS for me?”

Our team provides customised and personal care to each patient who receives treatment at our TMS Clinics. A special TMS cap is created with measurements identifying the target area for TMS treatment. This cap is used during every session to ensure consistent and accurate positioning during therapy. Patients can take advantage of their time during each session to discuss their therapy with the technician or alternatively they can watch their favourite programs on Netflix.

Meet our team

Our TMS Clinic team takes pride in providing professional and effective treatment to our patients. They are happy to talk to your treating doctors or therapists and work together to provide the best outcome for you.

Our phone number is 1300 177 144 or you could email us your information and we will get back to you with any questions you may have.

Dr Jason Pace Psychiatrist Sydney Tms

Dr Jason Pace

Dr Jason Pace is a Consultant Psychiatrist and the founder of Sydney TMS. He recognises the benefits of TMS and the role it can play in the treatment of depression in Australia.

Sydney TMS Team

Our professional team will guide you through

TMS Technicians

Marjorie Tms Technician Sydney Tms

TMS Technician

Marjorie is our TMS technician at the St Leonards Clinic and completed her training at the Black Dog Institute over three years ago. Marjorie is an excellent listener and is completely understanding of how work and life stresses can strain the mind. She ensures our patients have the best possible experience while undergoing TMS therapy and encourages each patient to enjoy their time while they’re with us. She particularly loves to see people regain their spark and giving people back their “normal” self. 

Greg Tms Technician Sydney Tms

TMS Technician

Greg is a registered psychiatric nurse with many years of experience. He completed postgraduate studies at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Brisbane in acute adult pscyhiatry and completed TMS training at Monash University. Greg enjoys working with the team at Sydney TMS because of the comfortable surrounds and he can offer patients personalised, no pressure treatment where the patient always comes first. The good follow up, after treatment support and personalised approach to patient care makes Sydney TMS a stand out treatment centre for depression.

Tiffany Tms Technician Sydney Tms

TMS Technician

Tiffany is our specialist nurse practitioner at our Castle Hill branch. Tiffany has extensive experience working across a range of health areas but particularly enjoys helping those dealing with anxiety and depression. Tiffany is inspired by what TMS can do to help patients regain control of their life.

Unsure if TMS is the right treatment for you or a loved one?

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