Sydney TMS – Our Values

Our approach

We in the health industry enter the profession to care for people but over the years our focus moves to more technical skill and we sometimes forget that delivering good medicine is about delivering good service.  Service is about making things easy, predictable, pleasant, caring and going the extra mile to assist a client. It often means taking the extra time to talk about the situation or concerns so that the client is more at ease and feeling comfortable with the treatment they are undergoing. Despite our many advancements in medicine and in psychiatry we unfortunately do not have all the answers, but what we should be able to always provide is good service and excellent care.


This is all about questioning the status quo and always asking if there is a better way.  Psychiatry and medicine in general continues to advance every day.  The people who are responsible for medical advancements are those who know that there must be a better way of doing things. While we respect the knowledge we have today, we must also continue to ask about how we can do better.  This might be in providing a better service, a cheaper treatment, providing better outcomes or simply more comfort to patients, a better experience.  Some of these advancements require years of research, others may need little more than a willingness to try doing something a little differently.

Sydney TMS Care and Service

At Sydney TMS we value your opinion and feedback. Your experience is very important to us and we hope that you will take the time to tell us how we are travelling. This will only benefit our clients as our service will improve when implement changes to make our experience even better. You can give us your feedback any time by writing to us or calling us.