Sydney TMS is open and treating patients with depression


Sydney TMS is open and treating patients with depression

At Sydney TMS we are open and continuing to treat patients with depression. We would like to say that it’s business as usual but we have stepped things up significantly. We have put in place new protocols which allow us to minimise the risk of infection. Whether that be for Corona Virus (Covid-19) or any other infectious disease. Here’s what we are doing:

Stand Alone Clinics

We have mentioned in our previous blog that our clinics stand alone. As we are not attached to a busy medical centre, you are less likely to come into contact with other people when attending treatment. This puts us in a unique position, as many other depression clinics are part of a hospital or busy centre. The less people you come into contact with the chance of infection are reduced.

Social Distancing.

You don’t need to worry about bumping into people when attending your treatment appointment. We have scheduled our appointments with space. This provides our staff with time to do a thorough wipe down before and after each patient. The only people you are likely to see are our staff.
This is a difficult time for all people across the world particularly those with anxiety and depression. We understand your concerns and we extend the opportunity for you to contact us for more information. This situation will pass and we encourage you to look after yourself during this challenging time. If you have any questions about TMS please call our staff today 1300 177 144.
Read more information from the Government website here via the link COVID-19