Why are more people turning to Sydney TMS for depression treatment?

Sydney TMS

Sydney TMS specialises in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

That is why more people are turning to Sydney TMS for depression treatment. Sydney TMS Clinics offer a stand alone experience, focused purely on delivering the best form of TMS possible. Sydney TMS commenced in 2014 and leads the way in delivering TMS therapy.

Why more people are turning to Sydney TMS for depression treatment?

  • Private TMS Clinics – unique stand alone clinic, away from busy hospitals and medical centres
  • Specialists in TMS – 100% dedicated to TMS
  • Since 2014 – we were the first of our kind and we’re experienced
  • Psychiatrist assessment for every patient – we want to make sure TMS is the right treatment for you
  • Dedicated and Professional Team – we care and we want you to be well
Experienced and Dedicated Team
Our staff are well trained and our professional team are highly dedicated. They are experienced when it comes to dealing with people with depression and mental illness. Delivering a custom treatment program to each client and making them comfortable is the priority of our staff.
Our Commitment
Our treating psychiatrist will assess you to determine if TMS is right for you. If it is not the best treatment option for you, our psychiatrist will let you know. Sydney TMS psychiatrist, Dr Jason Pace will work with your current treating team to achieve the best outcomes for you. It is important that everyone has a full understanding of where you are up to with your treatment. Our staff will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your path forward. 
Our Staff are Professionals
The staff members are understanding and know how to communicate with our clients. Years of experience have helped each member of our team develop their interpersonal skills that make them an invaluable part of the treatment. We encourage you to get the most out of your treatment and talk to our trained staff. They are here for you.
Our Staff Care
It is the main goal for our staff to get you feeling well again.
Our TMS staff take take pride in providing a supportive environment. They understand the anxiety that clients face when commencing a new form of treatment. It’s important to them to do their best to put our patient’s mind at ease. Often our clients arrive feeling tired and unsure of how TMS can actually help. We understand that our clients have tried many different types of depression treatments. By the time clients come to us they often feel defeated as other treatments may have had no success. Our staff know that and will always do their best to help you through each session.
About TMS therapy 
During TMS therapy, clients are fully awake and aware of the treatment. TMS is well tolerated by most patients and it has been compared to to having an MRI scan. During the treatment session patients can choose to watch television, listen to the radio or talk to the staff. There is no pressure to chat but many clients take advantage of the opportunity to talk to our staff. Many clients have expressed how good they feel to talk to someone during the time. Watch our information video to get a better understanding of how it all works.
Learn more about TMS
If you would like to come into one of our clinics to see how TMS works please contact us to make an appointment. The Black Dog Institute also have a handy fact sheet you can refer to TMS FACT SHEET
You are welcome to take our depression test. https://www.sydneytms.com.au/goldbergs-depression-test/
Ph: 1300 177 144