Sydney TMS COVID-19 Update

Sydney TMS COVID-19 Update

Sydney TMS COVID-19 Update

The campaign to reduce the threat of COVID-19 is well underway. Visiting a Sydney TMS clinic is already considered a very low risk activity. However, we have increased measures to ensure patients and staff have minimal risk of exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Measures to combat the spread of COVID-19

The two most important ways to combat the spread of COVID19 are social distancing and personal hygiene. Our Sydney TMS offices are stand-alone clinics and are not part of a large hospital or medical centre. Our aim has always been to provide our patients with a quiet and peaceful environment. Given the current situation, our clinics provide a very a safe space to receive treatment.

We will ensure ample time for appointments, to reduce the chance of too many patients in our clinic at any time. This allows patients to enjoy quiet, private time while waiting for their treatment session to start. This not only allows for privacy but reduces possible exposure to COVID-19 form ours.

Staff hygiene practices – going above and beyond

We have always maintained a high level of hygiene throughout our three clinics. Sydney TMS patients have always experienced the following:

  • An individual TMS treatment cap,
  • Neck support with disposable cover,
  • Treatment chairs are disinfected and covered with new barrier,
  • Offices are always maintained to a high standard with regular surface wipe downs.
  • Staff have always practiced a thorough hand hygiene routine. This includes washing hands and using hand sanitiser before and after each patient. In addition, staff will now wear gloves and protective face masks during treatments.

As a new measure, we will be asking patients, to complete a brief COVID-19 questionnaire recommended by the Department of Health.

New HEPA Air Purifiers

Newly operational at all three of our Sydney TMS Clinics, these air purifiers are quiet and discrete units. They significantly reduce air particles including microbes from the ambient air to further reduce the possibility of the COVID-19 virus and other potential viruses in our clinics.

Patient Hand Hygiene

We have always provided hand sanitisers for patients to use. However, we now ask patients to make use of the hand sanitisers both on arrival and departure of our clinics.

Flu-like symptoms

If you have flu like symptoms, we ask you to call our office before your next appointment. In turn, we will notify you of any risk arising from our staff develop flu like symptoms or becoming exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Feeling anxious?

As the Corona pandemic unfolds, we are aware that uncertainty is likely to amplify anxiety. We recognise this can have a significant impact on your mental health and potential for recovery. Please feel free to talk to our staff and raise any concerns you may have. We will do our best to work with you during this challenging time. We have included some further reliable links for you should you want to know the facts about the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The health and safety of our clients is of paramount importance to us. We will continue to maintain our strict clinical standards and hygiene protocols across all our clinic.

We will also continue to track any new advice by State and Federal Health Departments and will put in place any new guidelines recommended.

If you are an existing or new client, please call us to discuss any questions about treatment in light of COVID19 on 1300 177 144.

Updated: 17 October 2021