TMS Machine

TMS machine

TMS Machine

Meet our TMS machine, MagPro, our newest addition to the Sydney TMS family! The MagPro is designed and manufactured in Denmark to provide TMS treatment. TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is indicated for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in patients over the age of 18 who have failed to receive symptom improvement from antidepressant medication.


Our TMS machine facilitates the non-invasive treatment to stimulate the human brain and the nervous system. TMS treatment is a well proven treatment of Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD). We have chosen the machine by MagVenture because of the quality design, technology and support the company provides.

TMS machine – the chair

There are three main components to the TMS machine. First there is the treatment chair. The chair has an adjustable neck rest designed to provide comfort for the patient. It is particularly important to have a comfortable chair to support the patient during each session while undergoing TMS. And so, the optimal chair position is when the back of the chair is in recline and the leg rest is elevated, allowing patients to watch television or listen to music during their session.

TMS machine – the coil

The second essential element is the cool-coil system. The coil is an important part of the design as it is the mechanism that administers a high number of stimuli to the patient in the form of magnetic pulses. Moreover, the butterfly shape of the foil provides focused channeling to the targeted area of the brain.

TMS machine – the protocol tool

Third and finally we have the TMS protocol tool is responsible for sequencing multiple stimulations within the course of treatment. The protocol tool is central to the treatment and enables the treating team to establish the settings, controls and parameters required for each individual’s treatment course.
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TMS Benefits 

TMS treatment offers a range of benefits.
1. No hospitalisation required
2. No anaesthetic is used whatsoever
3. You can drive and continue on with your day immediately after treatment
4. Few side-effects.
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