Medicare and TMS treatment fact sheet

Interested in reading the details in the Medicare and TMS treatment fact sheet? We have attached the patient fact sheet for your convenience. As from 1 November 2021, people with major depression, who are eligible and meet the criteria can receive medicare rebates for rTMS treatment. The listing of rTMS services on the Medicare Benefits Schedule or MBS is a recommendation of the Medical Advisory Committee to the Australian government. This listing gives Australians the opportunity to access affordable medical treatment for depression and is in line with the government’s commitment to mental health.

Patients are eligible for rTMS treatment if they can meet the following criteria:

  • Over the age of 18 years
  • Diagnosed with Major depression
  • Have tried and failed two or more antidepressant medications
  • Have also undertaken psychological therapy (unless inappropriate)
  • Have not received rTMS treatment previously.

To find out more information about Medicare and TMS treatment please visit MBS online.

Eligible patients will be able to receive up to 35 treatment sessions of rTMS subsidised by the MBS. If the treatment was successful and the patient requires follow up treatment due to a relapse a re-treatment course of up to 15 sessions will be subsidised by the MBS.

Medicare has also released a handy frequently asked questions, factsheet. To read the information on this please click here to find out more. One of the most popular questions it addresses is this one “Why are Medicare rebates not available for patients who have previously received rTMS treatment, or for ongoing maintenance treatment?” This is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions we have received to date. Unfortunately, the medicare rebate is only available to those who qualify for TMS treatment who have not previously received TMS. You may wish to subscribe to the website MBS online to receive notifications when updates are made.

For further information about how TMS will work under the new medicare requirements please click here.