Do you need help for depression?

Sydney TMS for depression treatment


Depression is one of the most common conditions suffered by Australians, with an estimated one million people needing help for depression symptoms each year. Depression in its basic terms can be described as mild, moderate or severe. For many, depression is simply debilitating.

Depression symptoms can interfere with all areas of a person’s life, including work, social interactions and even just performing daily activities. Enjoyment disappears and it is difficult facing the easiest of tasks.

Depending on the severity of one’s depression, there are many treatment options available in Australia. Certainly access has improved and there are many ways to get help for depression. However, people still struggle with finding the right treatment to help with their own depression symptoms. Why is this the case? Well, for some people treatments do not work effectively as they may do on others. For many people, medications that are meant to provide help for depression can create other concerns with the side effects that often present which include can nausea, weight gain, fatigue, constipation and many others. Other treatments like ECT involve general anaesthetic, hospital admission and even memory loss.

Intolerable side effects from medications or the inability to reduce the symptoms of depression may lead to limited hope for sufferers. That’s why there is constant research and advancements in medicine and technology, to find out better ways to treat depression.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is one safe and effective option that is now offered in Australia. It offers new hope for those who are dealing with depression. TMS is very tolerable and is mostly effective on those who have previously tried at least two medications that did not work well for them.

Before deciding what treatment option is best for you please check out our website link:

Also, make sure you talk to your doctor about your symptoms. If TMS is right for you, a GP referral form is required when you come and visit us at Sydney TMS.

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