How effective is TMS as an alternative treatment for depression?

How effective is TMS as an alternative treatment for depression?

Here at Sydney TMS, we offer a safe alternative treatment for depression for those who have tried other medications. Our team understands that for some people, medications are not successful in reducing depression symptoms. The main reason being the side effects of medication are too severe to tolerate. At Sydney TMS we are pleased to be able to offer an alternative treatment for depression that is considered to be safer and have far fewer side effects than any medications currently available.

So, how effective is TMS?

Our patients’ results have mainly been positive, with two-thirds of the patients who have received TMS treatment for depression experiencing a significant clinical improvement. In fact, half of these patients have reached full remission. This is good news for us because we see so many treatment-resistant patients who have been suffering from depression for many years. Many of these patients have tried a multitude of medications without experiencing any change in their depression symptoms.

Through multiple studies with TMS on people who have failed other treatments, the response rate went up to 70% of patients that responded well to the treatment and remained well up to a year later. As more research is being conducted we will endeavour to bring you these updates as they come to light. To find out more about the clinical research that has been published already on the use and effectiveness of TMS, as an alternative treatment for depression please visit our website

Over the past few years, the demand for TMS in Australia has grown steadily as more doctors recognise the role TMS technology has to play in providing an alternative treatment for depression. There are many advantages to receiving TMS treatment and if you would like to know more about our clinics, how TMS works or ask us any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call on 1300 177 144. Our treatment clinics are located in Castle Hill and St Leonards.

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