Is TMS the right treatment for you?

TMS therapy

Sydney TMS specialises in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. TMS therapy is offered in a professional suite setting without the need of hospitalisation or anesthetic.

TMS might be the right treatment to help you with your depression. We have put together some information that may help you understand if this treatment is right for you.

You may be a suitable candidate if you agree with the following criteria:

  1. You have been diagnosed with Major Depression or Bipolar Disorder.
  2. Have you failed to respond to anti-depressant medication?
  3. Do you find it difficult to manage the side effects of medication?
  4. You do not want to have Electroconvulsive Therapy (or ECT)

TMS therapy will not be suitable for you if you have metal plates in the brain, head or neck area. Also, electronic implants in the inner ear, pace makers or other metal objects are likely to interfere with the magnetic technology used in TMS. Therefore any metal implants near the brain will unfortunately rule you out as a possible candidate.

For those people who are under the age of 18 years, TMS therapy is not recommended. Research is currently underway for under 18s, however, at this stage treatment cannot be offered to this age group. It is recommended that you remain in touch with our office should this situation change.

If you are currently pregnant than this therapy is not suitable for you at this time. However, it is something you can consider postpartum.

You will need a doctor’s referral should you wish to go ahead with the treatment. Click here for a referral form, print it off and take it with you the next time you visit your treating doctor. The above criteria will be discussed with you when you contact our team and prior to commencing TMS therapy. Our medical suites are located in St Leonards and Castle Hill, please contact us on 1300 177 144.

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