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Depression Treatment Sydney

Finding depression treatment in Sydney can be a mine field. Particularly as there are so many paths you can take. Different people offering differing advice for depression. This can be extremely frustrating and further add to symptoms. For us, we see many people who have experienced many paths and tried a myriad of depression treatments. While some methods work for some people they don’t necessary work for everyone. That’s where we can offer assistance.

TMS endorsed and scientifically supported depression therapy.

Sydney TMS offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, an alternative depression treatment. Although it is described as an alternative therapy, this is in reference to treatments that are drug based or require anaesthetic and/or hospitalisation. TMS is recognised and endorsed by the College of Psychiatry. It is evidence based with strong scientific support backing its effectiveness.

How TMS works

TMS uses magnetic fields to stimulate neurones in the cerebral cortex. This is that part of the brain that controls mood and depression. It is considered to be safe and well tolerated. If you have tried two or more anti-depressant medications and depression symptoms still exist, then TMS is very worth considering. A GP referral form is required when you book in for your first appointment. Sydney TMS offers a free consultation with our treating psychiatrist. Our psychiatrist will also be monitoring your progress throughout the treatment and will check in on you during the course.

TMS suitability

In Australia, TMS is available to adults. Unfortunately at this stage, patients under the age of 18 are not recommended to receive TMS therapy. Sydney TMS will continue to monitor the research in younger patients so it is important to keep following our updates. The service will be extended accordingly if/when TMS is approved for use to those under 19. Similarly there is limited research about the safety of TMS in pregnant women.  At this stage we do not offer TMS to those during pregnancy. To read more please, refer to our those who are suitable to receive TMS on our website.

Because TMS requires the generation of electromagnetic fields it is not suitable for some patients with metal implants. This includes electronic medical devices or implants particularly near the head region. Patients with active or inactive implants (including device leads). As well as deep brain stimulators, cochlear implants, and vagus nerve stimulators. It is considered safe to offer TMS to patients with cardiac pacemakers. This is because it is sufficiently far away from the magnetic field to be effected.

More information on TMS as a depression treatment.

For more information on TMS click here College of Psychiatrists or read more in the professional research articles we have available on our website.