Benefits of transcranial magnetic stimulation

Benefits of transcranial magnetic stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a treatment for major depressive disorder. We are exploring the key benefits as to why this treatment form is becoming so popular.

Benefits of transcranial magnetic stimulation.

  1. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is effective in treating major depressive disorder. TMS is evidence based and proven to work when the depression is treatment resistant.
  2. TMS is non-invasive. Electromagnets do all the work to stimulate the underlying brain. The treatment targets the cerebral cortex and stimulates neurones in this part of the brain.
  3. TMS is not new. It has been used in the USA and Europe for over two decades. It has also been used in Australia to treat depression for over the past ten years.
  4. TMS is currently being researched as to its role in treating other neurological conditions.
  5. TMS is not complicated by adverse effects. Any side effects associated with TMS are considered to be mild, further attributing to the benefits of transcranial magnetic stimulation. Read more about the side effects on our website.
  6. No anaesthetic is required. Patients are fully awake when undergoing treatment.
  7. Hospitalisation is not required and after treatment you can go about your day to day life. You can even drive yourself to and from your treatment sessions.
  8. TMS treatment is available in Australia. Sydney TMS offers locations in Bondi, St Leonards and Castle Hill.

More doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists are realising the benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Therapy. At Sydney TMS we work with your treating team and offer the therapy in tandem with your current therapy. If you are looking at TMS treatment for your depression our friendly staff are ready to take your call. Please call us today so we can help you start on a new path 1300 177 144.


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