TMS treatment “nothing short of a miracle”

TMS treatment is available in Australia. TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation is an innovative technology providing hope to patients living with depression. Patients can experience TMS treatment at a Sydney TMS Clinic without the need of being hospitalised.

TMS treatment has been described as nothing short of a miracle in an article published online recently. This is particularly helpful to those people who suffer with medication resistant depression. For many people medications simply aren’t working. Some people are unable to tolerate the side effects that are often associated with medication. Such side effects may include upset stomach, weight-gain, sleepiness and lack of sex drive. TMS treatment provides an alternative with far fewer side effects.

TMS treatment uses an electromagnetic coil that’s similar to the strength of an MRI machine to stimulate an area of the brain that’s under active in depression.  For many patients TMS treatment has made a significant impact on their mood, concentration and on memory.  The article we refer to here describes TMS as a breakthrough treatment worthy of considering.

If you would like to find out more about TMS treatment, please contact Sydney TMS on 1300 177 144.

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