How to Treat Depression Without Antidepressants

Ηow Τo Cure Depression

How to Treat Depression Without Medication 101

How to treat depression is one of the most frequent questions in the last century as the debilitating illness that is depression leaves many Australians wondering. There are many treatment forms available, including psychotherapy and medication. However, no straightforward cure or treatment option can help everyone in the same way. So, where can people go to get help?

What other treatment options are there?

At Sydney TMS, we have introduced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy, where we treat depression without antidepressants or medication. All in all, we provide an alternative depression treatment. TMS is a non-invasive option for those people who have tried common approaches and still experience symptoms. Patients who come through our doors have failed two or more medication treatments or do not tolerate the side effects. These patients have been depressed for many years. Many have also been hospitalised, while others have also received ECT.

How to cure depression with TMS?

The TMS treatment procedure uses a magnetic coil placed gently over the patient’s scalp. During the process, the coil delivers a range of pulsating magnetic pulses. During each session, these pulses stimulate the prefrontal cortex for approximately 30-40 minutes. Throughout all treatment sessions, the patient is fully awake and aware. During the first few sessions, the patient may experience mild discomfort over the scalp. There are relatively few side effects associated with TMS therapy. For therapy to be effective, patients must receive TMS treatment at least three times a week. We recommend that an acute course includes 30 treatments. Patients can remain on their current treatment while starting TMS treatment. As treatment progresses, we monitor and recommend existing treatment changes as required.

How effective is TMS treatment?

At Sydney TMS, we constantly monitor the results we achieve and compare these to published data. We are happy our patients’ results align with the latest published data. Currently, two-thirds of patients experience a significant clinical improvement, with half receiving complete remission. These are good, solid results, considering we are treating patients with treatment-resistant depression who have been suffering from depression for many years without significant improvement. Many scientific articles have been published regarding TMS. There are published articles comparing TMS and ECT therapy for those considering treatment options. Researchers regularly publish data on TMS treatment, and we publish new articles as they come to light on our website’s Blog Page.

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Updated: December 14, 2023