Efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) adjunctive therapy for major depressive disorder (MDD) after 2 antidepressant treatment failures

rTMS is significantly more effective than sham rTMS in TRD in response and remission outcomes and may be beneficial as an adjunctive treatment in patients with MDD after two treatment failures. This finding is consistent with previous meta-analyses; however, the effect size was smaller than in the formerly published literature.

Vida et al. BMC Psychiatry (2023) 23545

Robert Gyorgy Vida, Eszter Saghy, Richard Bella, Sandor Kovacs, Dalma Erdősi, Judit Jozwiak-Hagymasy, Antal Zempl.enyi, Tamas Tenyi, Peter Osvath and Viktor Voros