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Sydney TMS Clinics is Australia’s space for providing rTMS treatment to patients with depression while aiming to create a more personalised experience with less interruption to everyday life.

rTMS depression treatment, also known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a non-invasive treatment commonly undergone by depressed patients who are resistant to medication-based approaches.

When did it start?

Although Sydney TMS commenced offering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in 2014, the treatment was already being offered around the globe. In fact, rTMS treatment started in Australia in approximately 2005. rTMS cites out which region of the brain is specifically affected. Using that knowledge doctors can make use of magnetic pulses to target those specific areas of the brain and stimulating the neurones that have become inactive due to depression.

Sydney TMS Clinics has then been on the forefront since it commenced, driven by the prospect of an alternative treatment to offer patients with depression.

Why choose Sydney TMS Clinics? Sydney TMS Clinics are located in three locations including Bondi, Castle Hill and St Leonards on Sydney’s north shore. It is the ideal clinic to go to for rTMS treatment, with our well-equipped and approachable nursing staff along with our up-to-date facilities, open for referred patients and offering a quiet low keyspace. As each clinic is a stand along with a clinic there is no need to visit a hospital for treatment or be amongst lots of other people waiting in queues or busy waiting areas.

For any extra concerns regarding the treatment, our professional staff are always there by your side while you are undergoing your treatment. They are more than happy to answer any questions you have about your treatment and cover off any concerns you may have. They are also more than happy to have a general chat and keep you company. Sometimes you might just want to listen to music or watch tv, we are totally flexible and are there to support you along the way.

How long has rTMS depression treatments been in Australia?

While rTMS is relatively new in Australia, it has been used as a research tool in Europe and the USA to treat depression successfully in the USA and other countries for over 35 years.

Demand for rTMS has been on the rise for patients with medication-resistant depression as it offers an alternative treatment solution. Although there are some concerns from interested parties, most of the concerns revolve around repeated necessary visits and the costs rather than the treatment itself.

Yet even with this current state of rTMS, there’s already promised in the results it brings in reducing depression symptoms and the success it has in offering patients the opportunity to put their depression into remission.

While previously there has been no or very little support from medicare, this is soon about to change with a recent announcement that rTMS will be added to the Medicare Benefits schedule later this year.

rTMS treatment sessions.

Each patient is asked to allow 30 minutes for each visit to the clinic. While depression patients are prescribed with 30 sessions per course, OCD and PTSD patients are also prescribed with 30 sessions per treatment course.

Maintenance sessions are recommended after each treatment course.

rTMS Side Effects

TMS has a few mild side effects particularly when you compare it with traditional depression treatments. If you consider Electroconvulsive Therapy, rTMS is relatively painless and has no association with memory loss. In addition, it does not require sedation or pain relief as the treatment is relatively painfree.

rTMS depression treatment known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation gains traction for drug therapy-resistant patients.

“After the treatment, I can do all of those things [sleeping, eating, working, going to university] and I’m pretty much back to my normal self”.  Click here to read on

reference: ABC Online 29 November 2014

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