What makes Sydney TMS different to other anti-depressant treatments?

When seeking treatment for your depression you will often find yourself asking, what treatment is right for me?

There are many forms of treatment you can and should consider to reduce symptoms of depression. While the common treatment form is often medication or antidepressants, a number of people do not respond well to them. For some, it is the daily dosage of remembering to take the medication that is the problem and for others it is the side effects commonly associated with anti-depressants, which can go on to cause other complications.

While we at Sydney TMS we understand that medication plays an important role for many when it comes to treating depression, we also realise for many people, medications are not the solution. That is why we have embraced TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), as it offers people a treatment alternative option for depression.

Sydney TMS offers clients TMS therapy in an outpatient treatment setting. Treatment periods require 3-5 sessions per week with sessions lasting approximately 35-45 minutes each. Sydney TMS is opened weekdays and are easily contactable via phone or email. TMS is aimed at those who want to remain living in their own environment, they might be working, have family commitments or studying. During your session, you are invited to bring along a support person and our TMS technician will be there for you during each session you have. During your session, you will remain fully awake so you may listen to music, watch television or talk. In fact there are many benefits to having TMS treatment, another example is that it does not require anaesthetic so you will leave feeling just as awake as when you arrived.

It was mentioned earlier that we understand the role of medication and other treatment forms. We like to work with each individual client and their existing health professionals so it is important to disclose information about your medical history and current treatment plan before we commence TMS for you. Continuing with existing treatments is something that we encourage at Sydney TMS.

There are very few side effects associated with TMS so it is appealing to those who do not tolerate medication. Having few side effects also means that after each session you can continue on with your day as you normally would. We have two clinics and each one is located near council car parks and close to public transport. Clients who have responded to TMS therapy will begin to respond to treatment after 10-14 sessions and a full course of TMS is usually 25-30 treatments. Our team at Sydney TMS aims to not only provide a professional service but to support our clients through each session that they have with us.

For more information please contact our staff on 1300 177 144 or visit our website www.sydneytms.com.au