What is the difference between TBS and TMS treatments?

Even though TBS and TMS have various similarities, they do have some difference and they are:

  • TBS cannot be used to treat OCD or PTSD as these rely on slow pulsing rTMS.
  • TBS uses a faster pulsing setting in the TMS machine. While most new TMS machines can deliver both rTMS and TBS, some older TMS machines may not be able to deliver TBS.
  • Due to the significant speed of TBS treatment, we can offer patients shorter treatment times, more flexibility and less frequent clinic visits.
  • As TBS takes less time and resources and therefore benefits the consumer as cost savings are significant.
  • TBS treatments time are very fast compared to rTMS. The latest rTMS treatment times are approximately 20 minutes while the same treatment can be delivered in TBS in 3 minutes.

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