10 ways to get the most from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

Are you currently going through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy? Would you like some tips on how to make the most out of your Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy experience? Here are ten suggestions that our team offers to patients when they attend treatment at Sydney TMS.

  1. Keep your appointments with your treating doctors.

If you currently see a psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor or GP for anxiety, depression or any other condition, then we strongly encourage you to keep your regular appointments. Please ensure that your treating doctor is aware that you of your decision to undergo Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy and if they aren’t aware please talk to them about it. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions during the course of your therapy with your treating team. The best results occur when we all work together.

  1. Attend all of your Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy sessions.

The whole ethos around Sydney TMS is for you to continue with your daily routine as much as possible whilst undergoing Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy. You can work, study, drive your car, play sport and do everything that you would normally do when you are going through TMS treatment. It is important that you ensure that you attend 3-5 TMS sessions each week (each one lasting approximately 45minutes per session) and continue for 4-6 weeks. During the course of the treatment it is important that there are no gaps between sessions (ie no more than 7 days off from treatment). The more consecutive treatment days you have the better. This is very important if you are going to give TMS the opportunity to work.

  1. Continue taking your medications

If you are on medication, please let your treating psychiatrist/GP know the details of your treatment. It is important to keep taking your meds during the therapy. If you have any problems with your current treatment program please discuss this with Sydney TMS staff or your treating clinician.

It is important that we keep things going as close to your regular routine as possible and change very little, so that we can monitor the effects of Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy.

  1. Bring a support person along

You are welcome to bring along a support person to your therapy sessions. The first ones are probably the most important if you are feeling concerned or anxious. We find that after the first few sessions, most people feel confident and comfortable to come along on their own.

  1. Ask questions

In between treatment sessions you might think of questions you would like to ask us at your next session. We encourage you to write down your questions and bring them along to your next session and discuss them with our staff member. There is a lot of opportunity to chat during your session time.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

You will be sitting in a big comfortable chair during your treatment sessions and they do last 40-45 minutes each, so please wear comfortable clothes. You can slip off your shoes and relax while our staff member operates the TMS machine.

  1. Remove all metal above the shoulders before you arrive

TMS machinery uses magnetic technology so it is important to remove any jewellery including any piercings you may be wearing before your treatment session begins. We recommend leaving any valuables at home. Also, optical frames will need to be removed just before the commencement of each session as they may get in the way of the TMS coil. If you wear contact lenses you might like to do so particularly if you want to watch television.

  1. Pack your hairbrush

We provide a cap with your own personal markings that is worn during your sessions so your hair may look a little messy afterward. If you are concerned about this, bring along your hairbrush and use our mirror to get yourself looking right before you leave our centre.

  1. Cultural, Language and physical barriers

If you have any cultural or language barriers please contact us before your treatment commences so that we can work out the best way to accommodate your needs. We want to make your sessions as comfortable as possible for you, so if you have any concerns please let us know.

  1. Parking

Our locations in Castle Hill and St Leonards are close to council parking areas. If you need directions please call us so we can assist you.

We aim to make your TMS experience as pleasant and as comfortable as possible so if there is anything you need please let us know. 1300 177 144 or visit our website www.sydneytms.com.au





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