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Sydney TMS Testimonials

One way of finding out how other people have experienced their treatment journey is through TMS testimonials. We have collected a few TMS testimonials provided by our patients who have undergone treatment at one of our three clinics.

TMS Testimonial by Emma from West Pennant Hills, Sydney

“I have suffered depression and anxiety since my teenage years, and was tried on many different anti-depressants throughout the years. None of them worked for me, accept Phenelzine (Nardil). For different reasons I came off the Phenelzine three times”

“The last time, because of the excessive weight gain. I tried two medications under psychiatrist supervision which again did not work for me. Through that time due to very difficult circumstances and the terrible anxiety and depression on those two new anti-depressants my only option was again to go back on Nardil and I never recovered even on Phenelzineu”

“This time, as a last option it was suggested to me to try TMS, which I did. Very gratefully i can say, that it definitely made a big difference to my mental health. I am still having to carefully pace myself but I am able to do things I was completely unable to do before. My quality of life has clearly improved.”

TMS Testimonial by Robert from Hornsby, Sydney

“My depression and anxiety had been reasonably well managed since a major episode around 8 years ago, but it was still always there. Drastic work and lifestyle changes had helped a lot, but I just couldn’t escape the underlying sadness, lassitude and anxiousness. Medications either didn’t work and/or the side effects were intolerable.

That has all changed now thanks to a 4½ week course of TMS. After about 3½ weeks my mood lifted and I am now able to experience and enjoy life as I think it is meant to be. Until it happened, I didn’t really believe that my depression and anxiety could be switched off so easily.”

TMS Testimonial by Harry from Wahroonga, Sydney

“I’ve spent a few decades living with varying degrees of major depressive disorder and I heard about TMS via my GP, who was ready to triple my antidepressant dose. We agreed to try as many different treatments as possible before I rattled as I walk.

At no point did I expect this head zapping thingy to work. Tiny little fairy, with a tiny little hammer, working on my tiny little brain, that has been otherwise up the creek without a paddle for as long as I can recall.

Sitting in the chair for the first dozen or so times was a bit more confronting than I expected. I don’t know if the nurses knew this already, or just comforted patients the same way each time, but the easy chatter and banter made each Tx go faster than I would have expected. Regardless, for a few weeks it just felt like a chore to drag myself in three or more times a week.

The day I woke up and things had changed in my head (I think it was after Tx 23), I didn’t quite know what to make of it. If I encountered a situation that gave me some kind of negative feeling, I was still taking a deep breath and dealing with it rationally. When something ‘bad’ happened, I was still doing okay. When I was sad or upset, I still wasn’t THAT kind of sad or upset; the kind that used to spiral into hours of crying/days in bed and misery. A week later, we halved my anti-depressant dose and I was still okay.

Surely, this wasn’t my brain? Not my way of thinking? Not my normal reactions?

But it was. Now it is.

I remember the way that my brain used to work and I can’t fathom fighting myself like that ever again. The difference in my life, my relationship and friendships, my thought processes and even my ability to look in a mirror, is beyond incredible.

For anyone in the position that I had reached, I would completely recommend at least trying TMS.”

TMS Testimonial by David from Bella Vista, Sydney

“I had experienced an episode of increasing depression over the past three to four months. It became increasingly severe with mood change, loss of appetite and sleep disturbance. The last time I had experienced such severe depression was in 2010 when I required hospitalisation due to suicidal ideation. At that time it took some time for the medication to work. I had tried every antidepressant with little response and major side effects. After discussing treatment options with my pscyhiatrist, I commenced TMS treatment three weeks ago. I found the treatment itself to be quite OK, the staff at Sydney TMS were very professional and supportive. After one week my wife had noticed a change in my mood. After two weeks my appetite had returned and I was sleeping better. I noticed that I had stopped ruminating about problems and was more optimistic.

I am now back to normal and will complete my TMS course next week. I have been pleasantly surprised with the speed of my recovery and the benign nature of the treatment. Once again thank you and your staff, for providing this innovative and effective treatment.”

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