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anxiety and depression

The top 5 reasons why people with anxiety and depression avoid seeking help?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 35% of Australians with anxiety and depression access treatment. The number of people suffering in silence is exceptionally high particularly when over three million people have anxiety...
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Sydney TMS for depression treatment

Do you need help for depression?

  Depression is one of the most common conditions suffered by Australians, with an estimated one million people needing help for depression symptoms each year. Depression in its basic terms can be described as mild,...
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TMS Clinics in Sydney

The Leading TMS Clinics in Sydney – Sydney TMS St Leonards and Castle Hill

So what is it we aim to do with our TMS Clinics in Sydney? As a service, our vision is to be the leading quality provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy in New South...
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How effective is TMS as an alternative treatment for depression?

Here at Sydney TMS, we offer a safe alternative treatment for depression for those who have tried other medications. Our team understands that for some people, medications are not successful in reducing depression symptoms. The...
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TMS therapy benefits

What are the benefits of TMS therapy for depression?

There are many benefits of TMS therapy for those of you battling depression. Here we explore the benefits of TMS therapy and how this treatment option offers a safe alternative for you to consider. If you...
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Side effects of TMS therapy

What are the side effects of TMS treatment?

TMS Therapy and related side effects Even though TMS treatment is considered to be very tolerable to our patients, there are a few possible side effects of TMS treatment, that you should know about before...
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What are the next steps in treating my depression?

TMS therapy has been proven to be successful in treating depression, particularly when other treatments have been unsuccessful. When you have done your research and you feel TMS is right for you, then it’s time...
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Looking for an alternative depression treatment?

If you have been diagnosed with Major Depression and are looking for an alternative depression treatment to anti-depressant medication, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) may just be right for you. To be a suitable patient for...
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Treat Depression TMS

How can TMS help treat depression? What is TMS and how does it works?

TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation is a therapy used to treat depression. TMS uses magnetic technology to stimulate brain cells to help improve depression symptoms. TMS therapy is a non-invasive, painless procedure and there is...
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