Why are more people turning to Sydney TMS for depression treatment?

Sydney TMS for depression treatment

At Sydney TMS we pride ourselves on making our patients feel comfortable. We take extra steps to ensure that our service is custom made for each person who walks through our doors. Trust in Sydney TMS to provide the best depression treatment available.

Our TMS Psychiatrist consults with every patient face to face during their treatment. At Sydney TMS, we care about your well being. It is our aim to select only those patients we think will have the best chance of responding to TMS. For many people, TMS may not be the ideal treatment. Our treating psychiatrist will provide a consultation with you before you start therapy. During this time a history of your illness journey is taken and Dr Pace will discuss the treatment with you.

You will feel supported every step of the way

If TMS is appropriate for you, Dr Pace will personally explain details of TMS therapy with you. He can take you through how TMS works and what you can expect during your treatment sessions. He will also answer any questions you may have involving the therapy. It is important to us, that every person who commences TMS treatment feels 100% confident.

Sydney TMS commitment

One of the biggest advantages of coming to Sydney TMS is consulting with Dr Pace. If there is a better treatment option available to you, he will tell you. He will also communicate this with your referring doctor.

The personal approach of Sydney TMS

We are a small organisation with less than five staff members. Dr Pace is the owner and psychiatrist of each of our clinics and as such he takes a personal approach to your care. In addition to meeting Dr Pace during the initial assessment, clients also have the opportunity of meeting Dr Pace during the course of their treatment.

All of our team members are qualified, experienced and dedicated to making your treatment journey as pleasant as possible. We pride ourselves in making your TMS treatment a positive one.

We want you to feel comfortable

Family members are an important part of your recovery. We recognise the role that family members and close friends can play in your life. We welcome you to bring along a support person to help you through your treatment. They are welcome at anytime during the therapy.

We work with your clinical team

We understand that many clinicians are still trying to understand where and when to use TMS. It is important to us to educate professionals about TMS so they can best utilise our service. Communication between our staff and your treating team is essential. We will communicate formally and informally over the course of your TMS treatment.

Making therapy easy for you

We have thought a lot about the environment we have created for our clinics. All of our locations are close to both public transport and free parking. Our clinics are stand alone offices offering a space that is welcoming, private and stress free. Sydney TMS Clinics offer our patients the latest TMS equipment. Our offices feature new modern and comfortable furniture so our patients feel at ease the moment they arrive.

Sydney TMS – always improving

It is our aim to strive to provide the best service to our patients. We build on our reputation and continually improve the experience we offer. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Sydney TMS is also an ISO accredited business ensuring the best quality product.

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