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TMS Clinic
TMS Clinic


The first Sydney TMS Clinic has recently opened its doors in Hornsby and is already seeing some excellent results for patients living with depression.  The term TMS otherwise known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has been used in other parts of the world for the past 20 years, yet it has been a little slow to take off here in Australia.

Sydney TMS clinic is the first clinic in Sydney offering TMS therapy where patients are not required to step into a hospital setting to receive therapy for depression. The benefit of this is that patients can attend their treatment session at the TMS clinic and then continue on with their day to day routine. It provides freedom, flexibility and choice while undergoing their treatment.

The staff at Sydney TMS are experienced and highly qualified in helping mental health patients who are dealing with depression. Paul Nesbit (photographed on the left) is a mental health nurse and runs the Sydney TMS clinic in Hornsby along with Dr Jason Pace (photographed above right), who founded Sydney TMS and established the TMS clinic in Hornsby.

You may be wondering what a TMS clinic looks like? Well it’s just like a medical suite where the staff are friendly and approachable and here to help you.  In the TMS clinic room there is a large comfortable chair and attached to the chair is the magnetic coil and equipment that generates the magnetic pulses.   The Sydney TMS clinic team are very friendly and understanding and will chat through the entire process or you can simply watch television and listen to music.

At this stage, TMS treatment is only recommended to those patients who have been diagnosed with depression by a psychiatrist and who have not responded to treatment with medication (or who have treatment resistant depression). While anti-depressants are commonly used for depression, many patients either do not respond to medicines or experience side effects from them. For patients who have treatment resistant depression, Sydney TMS clinic may offer an alternative treatment.

There are many benefits to TMS as it is a safe treatment option with very few side effects. To find out if TMS is something that you should consider, please visit our information page  Is TMS for me? or call our Sydney TMS Clinic on 1300 177 144 for further information.

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