Medications not helping your depression?

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Living with depression and the recovery journey is filled with highs and lows. For some people antidepressant medication does not help with their depression symptoms. It’s understandable that many people feel frustrated and feel like giving up when they suffer with the side effects of medication or the medication simply hasn’t changed their symptoms at all.  People who have tried various types of medications and dosages and still do not see any improvement with their depression may have what is known as “medication resistant depression”

If you have thoroughly trialed two or more forms of depression medications and they have not worked for you then please do not give up hope.  There are many treatment options available (including psychotherapy and psychological counselling). It is also worth talking to your treating doctor about transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS therapy. For those with depression, TMS therapy targets the frontal part of the brain that has decreased in activity and uses magnetic fields to stimulate the nerve cells there. The magnetic current increases blood flow and glucose metabolism in the prefrontal cortex of the brain and this is what makes it capable of improving mood.

TMS is offered by Sydney TMS and there are many benefits of considering TMS therapy.  Sydney TMS offers two outpatient clinics, Castle Hill and St Leonards. This means you can attend your appointment without the need to go to hospital while your treatment is taking place.  There is no need for sedation during the process or anaesthetic so you can go about your day to day living after your appointment.  No preparation is necessary before each session, just ensure that you can attend between 3-5 sessions per week for approximately 30 sessions. Remember that TMS is only available to those  who have tried and failed two or more anti-depressant medications. You can look at the Sydney TMS checklist to ensure you are suitable for TMS.

Is TMS for me?

For further information please contact your treating doctor or call Sydney TMS. GP Referral is required.

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