What is Major Depression

Major Depression

“Be open to whatever comes next” sounds incredibly simple, but is it so easy when you are faced with major depression?

What is Major Depression?

Major Depression is also known as clinical depression or more simply referred to as depression. People dealing with depression, day in and day out find it difficult to see possibilities that may be just beyond the fog that surrounds them. For those with debilitating depressive symptoms, they find it difficult getting out of bed each day. Doing simple tasks are often too difficult and outweighed by the overwhelming feelings of helplessness.

Symptoms of Major Depression

  • Low mood (feeling down)
  • Feeling worthless
  • Loss of interest in things the person would have previously found enjoyable.
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Depending on alcohol or recreational drugs (or increasing usage)
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling of guilt, frustration, disappointment and easily overwhelmed

For those living with persistent Major Depression these and/or other symptoms may be ongoing for days on end and last for weeks. For some the symptoms continue for lengthy periods of time. Most people living with Major Depression find it extremely difficult to even look toward the future and hope doesn’t exist.

Assisting those with Major Depression

Should symptoms not go away it is vital that professional help is sought and as soon as possible. Assistance and support of loved ones is vital in helping people with Major Depression. The first step is getting the person professional help they need and creating various key professionals they can turn to when they need to call on them. The mental health professionals can assist with providing solutions that will help manage depression symptoms. Learning ways to deal with signs of depression is also important along with the range of strategies available to deal them.

There are many techniques and methods mental health professionals will adopt to help a person deal with depression symptoms. It is important for those with depression to know that by trialling treatments and giving new things a go that things could possibly change for the better.

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