The best in TMS care

Here at Sydney TMS it is our aim to provide our clients with the best in TMS care. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS is a technological treatment used to relieve depression symptoms. It is particularly beneficial to those people who may have treatment resistant depression and have failed medication treatments in the past. Providing the best TMS care at Sydney TMS has been part of our aim from the day we commenced our service. We have purposely created an outpatient TMS service so that clients can feel completely comfortable in the setting. It’s just like visiting your GP, psychiatrist or psychologist.

TMS Locations

Our clients don’t need to walk through any hospital or clinic to attend their sessions, they simply visit one of our medical suites. We are located in Bondi, Castle Hill and St Leonards. Both locations are close to public transport and both are within a minute walk to council car parking. Our staff also understand that our clients might tend to feel a little anxious about coming along to their treatment sessions, particularly in the beginning. So clients are strongly encouraged to bring along a family member or friend to keep them company. They are also welcome at any time during the course of the treatment.

We are really excited about what TMS can do for people with depression and we are more than happy to share information about TMS therapy with your GP, psychologist or family members. If you would like to learn more please contact us to get more information about how TMS therapy works.

Sydney Psychiatrist

Dr Jason Pace is our consultant psychiatrist and the founder of Sydney TMS and is proud to offer TMS therapy to clients. He states “My interest in TMS came from my frustrations with existing treatment options. There seems to be a large gap between medication and ECT. TMS for me is the treatment options that sits in between the two and is safe, well tolerated and effective. I really like what TMS offers patients who have treatment resistant depression. It is a therapy well worth considering because of the significant response rates we are achieving and because it is so well tolerated. Not many depression treatments can offer this”

Assessment and Consultation

The team at Sydney TMS works in with patient’s existing mental health treatment program. This is discussed during the initial consultation, when a thorough medical history is discussed. It is important that we know about any existing medications, therapies and treatments you are currently taking we can monitor your progress accurately. We are also happy to liaise with your treating clinician and inform them about our therapy so that they too are included and informed of your progress. Our TMS technician takes you through each session to ensure you are comfortable at all times and will administer the course to you. You are able to talk through the entire session if you like or you can watch television or listen to music.

Our TMS team works closely with your GP or consultant psychiatrist to follow the treatment prescribed during your TMS sessions. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have at any time before, during or after treatment. Our staff are dedicated professionals who value your feedback and wish you a very healthy recovery.

For more information about Sydney TMS our phone number is 1300 177 144 or email us at and we will be more than happy to assist you .