About Sydney TMS

Sydney TMS was founded by Sydney psychiatrist, Dr Jason Pace in 2014. He became interested in TMS years earlier when driven by the prospect of an alternative treatment to offer patients with depression.

To satisfy his curiosity, Dr Pace travelled to the United States and visited established TMS clinics. During this time he interviewed psychiatrists and patients gaining a better understanding of the treatment. The benefits of TMS treatment were immediately evident, particularly when comparing it to the standard treatments available here in Australia. In the USA, TMS has been used in a clinical setting since 2008. Since that time over 500 clinics have started to use TMS. After talking to several Clinics, Dr Pace was convinced he needed to make this technology available to Australian patients.

Sydney TMS Clinics provide treatment in an outpatient setting, avoiding the need for patient hospitalisation. The outpatient experience creates a more personalised experience with less interruption to everyday life. TMS is a well tolerated treatment, particularly for those who found medications difficult to use. For more information about TMS treatment please click here.

TMS an approved treatment option

Dr Pace has become a strong advocate for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. TMS is supported by an impressive collection of research, supporting its effectiveness in treating depression. Research is available now both locally and internationally by well recognised universities. TMS is also TGA approved (Therapeutic Goods Authority) and further endorsed by the College of Psychiatry.

Accessing TMS

Despite the support for its effectiveness, TMS is not easily accessible across Australia. This is mainly because it is not supported by Medicare or healthcare funding. TMS is an expensive option for most people. What Dr Pace has realised is that despite not experiencing any funding, people still recognise its value. As a result, Sydney TMS has financial payment plans available to assist patients who would like to access the treatment.

Dr Jason Pace is dedicated to providing the most up to date treatment methods for those people with depression. He takes pride in providing the most professional service to all patients who receive treatment. It is Dr Pace’s aim to work with a patient’s current treating health professional to achieve the best outcomes.

With centres located in St Leonards, Bondi Junction and Castle Hill, patients can attend their most convenient Sydney clinic.

For more information about TMS please visit our website for more information. Alternatively, please call our staff to about TMS and what it can do for your depression.  Ph: 1300 177 144.

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