Sydney Psychiatrist offering TMS treatment for depression

Sydney TMS was started by Sydney Psychiatrist Dr Jason Pace, who specialises in the treatment of mood disorders. Dr Pace’s practice is made up of mostly patients suffering from Major Depression and Bipolar Depression. It is fair to say that the majority of his practice is made up of patients who have struggled with Depression for many years.  Many of these patients have tried several combinations of medications and ECT to treat their conditions. After referring several of his patients to Victoria for TMS therapy and recognising the positive results, Dr Pace was determined to bring TMS treatment to Sydney and make the therapy more readily available.

TMS is under-utilised in Sydney, as until recently there have been few TMS services available. Dr Pace hopes that having more options for TMS treatment available, that we will see a greater utilisation of this very important treatment regime. Dr Pace encourages other Sydney Psychiatrists to also recognise the role of TMS to treat depression.  TMS fills an important treatment gap for those patients who have failed several anti-depressant treatments. TMS offers a greater chance of success rather than trying yet even more medication. While it is recognised that TMS is not as effective as ECT for this group of patient there are significantly less side effects than the alternatives. TMS treatment involves no memory or cognitive problems, is much less invasive and most importantly can be offered without the need for hospitalisation.

Dr Pace is confident that if Sydney Psychiatrists start to have positive first-hand experiences with patients who have responded to TMS such as he has, it won’t be long before TMS becomes as popular a treatment in Sydney as it is in other states of Australia and overseas.

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