Who can TMS help?

Who can TMS help?


At Sydney TMS, our aim is to help provide an alternative treatment to people diagnosed with depression. TMS (trasncranial magnetic stimulation) therapy is suitable for patients who have not responded to medication-based treatments. Antidepressants are commonly prescribed for depression, but many patients experience unpleasant side effects, or can experience treatment-resistant depression.

TMS therapy provides an innovative treatment approach to depression, backed with evidence-based research, for those diagnosed with depression. TMS therapy is different from other treatments as it allows you to continue your normal routine. Each session is approximately 40 minutes long, making it possible to have treatment before or after work, or during your lunch-break. You are fully conscious during your treatment, so you can listen to music, your favourite pod-cast or watch television, while you are here. And after treatment, you can continue on with your day.

To find out if TMS is the right therapy for you, we have put together a basic checklist containing guidelines that we use to assess patient suitability.

  1. Do you suffer with depression and have you tried 2 or more different antidepressant medications?
  2. Are you over the age of 18? At this stage research is currently being conducted and until results have been published and approved then TMS treatment is unavailable for patients under the age of 18 years)
  3. Are you pregnant or thinking about conceiving? (if so, you may have to put TMS on hold for a while as the effects have not been tested on pregnant women at this stage)
  4. Do you have metal implants above your shoulder area? (e.g., pacemakers, vagus nerve stimulators etc)

Here at Sydney TMS, we understand that depression not only affects the individual, but also their support network of family and friends. This group of people are so important in the lives of our patients and we want to provide assistance and support to them as well. We do this through providing easy to understand information on our website and blog. Our friendly staff are happy to talk you through any concerns you may have regarding TMS therapy. We also extend an open invitation for our patients to bring members of their support network with them to their session. Not only does this reduce feelings of nervousness or anxiety for our patients, but it gives loved ones an opportunity to see what the treatment involves and ask any questions they may have regarding the therapy programme.
For more information on whether TMS is the right fit for you, please visit or contact one of our friendly staff members on 1300 177 144 or email us at