About Sydney TMS

Sydney TMS was founded by psychiatrist Dr Jason Pace in late 2014. Dr Pace became interested in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation several years earlier when it was still being researched largely due to his interest in technology and the prospect of having an alternative treatment to offer his patients. In early 2014 Dr Pace travelled to the United States and visited some established Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation clinics. In the US, TMS has been used in a clinical setting since 2008 and since that time, over 500 clinics have started to use TMS. After talking to several American psychiatrists and patients who had been treated with TMS, Dr Pace was convinced he needed to make this technology available to Australian patients. People described a safe and well tolerated treatment that had helped many who found anti depressants difficult to use.

On return to Australia Dr Pace attended a two day Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation workshop with Australia’s leading researcher in TMS, Professor Paul Fitzgerald. Prof Fitzgerald had conducted research in TMS for over ten years and had published many scientific papers on TMS use. Despite this TMS had not been offered widely in Australia as Medicare was yet to offer a rebate for the treatment, making it an expensive option for most. What Dr Pace had seen however, was that even in the US where the treatment was largely not funded by health insurance and Medicare, people still saw value in TMS.

Dr Pace established Sydney TMS’ first outpatient clinic at Hornsby, in Sydney’s northwest.